Who Is Nate?

I help companies:

  1. grow their internet audiences
  2. structure their sites perfectly
  3. optimize for conversion

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What I Say About Me

Years ago, sprawled out on the floor of my flat in Seta, Japan, I decided that I would learn the internet’s red tape. And so I started building: one site became two, a thousand people became ten, a $1 eCPM became $10.

Following the lead of my CollegeHumor mentors, I dove deep and learned how to balance grey hat risk with white hat reward. I befriended powerful movers and shakers and learned what lines to toe.

Around this time, I established my marketing operations consultancy, PercentSharp, and took off for Europe. I had the delightful privilege of bumming around while advising a smattering of eclectic businesses, from a Faroese hotel to an Irish castle.

Thereafter, I helped Milk Studios and the booming new beauty brand Milk Makeup achieve digital success. Via Milk, I was blessed with the chance to work with top talent, from powerful fashion brands to VR innovators to soccer superstars. My SEO was on fleek:


I left NYC to set up shop in Atlanta with clients around the United States. I manage several authority websites that reach millions of people every month.

I now live in Los Angeles and run marketing at CreatorIQ.

I’d love to be in touch.