Who Is Nate?

I help companies:

  1. grow their internet audiences
  2. structure their sites perfectly
  3. optimize for conversion

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What I Say About Me

Years ago, sprawled out on the floor of my flat in Seta, Japan, I decided that I would learn the internet’s red tape. And so I started building: one site became two, a thousand people became ten, a $1 eCPM became $10.

Following the lead of my CollegeHumor mentors, I dove deep into craftier places online and learned how to balance grey hat risk. I befriended powerful movers and shakers and saw what lines to toe.

I decided to go local — and began working with small businesses in Atlanta, GA, USA to fix their weak online presences. Helping real people was a whole different thrill!

Life pulled me back to NYC where I worked at Electus Digital, marrying media with audiences.

Around this time, many of my friends quit their corporate jobs to turn entrepreneur. I helped eCommerce brands realize their reach. Thereafter, I left for Europe and advised a smattering of eclectic businesses, from a Faroese hotel to an Irish castle.

Thereafter, I helped Milk Studios and the booming new beauty brand Milk Makeup achieve conversion success. Via Milk, I’ve been blessed to work with top talent, from powerful fashion brands to VR innovators to soccer superstars. My SEO was on fleek:


I left NYC to set up shop in Atlanta with clients around the United States. Through my consultancy and holdings PercentSharp, I manage several authority websites that reach millions of people every month.

I now live in Los Angeles and run marketing at CreatorIQ.

I’d love to be in touch.